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3 Vital Steps to Beauty Sleep

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Health and Wellbeing

Your beauty sleep is more than just a silk pillowcase. It’s a matter of ensuring you have a solid sleep schedule in place and choosing what’s right for your body. We’ve always been passionate about the importance of a full eight hours; sleep is my passion not my purpose.

While full-coverage concealer may mask under-eye shadows, you can’t cheat eight hours of shut-eye by caking on the makeup alone — not to mention your skin can actually age before its time from lack of sleep. It’s the stuff of nightmares!

That’s why we’ve curated a few of our favourite bedtime essentials with added benefits, so you can enjoy the dreamiest night’s sleep.

The skin saviour

Your skin goes to work repairing the day’s damage at night – and using the right product can help support the healing process to achieve vital, vibrant-looking skin. We definitely aren’t a beauty guru and we aren’t claiming to be so here is just your healthy reminder, take off your make-up and do that 12 step skincare routine.

Hydrate as you hibernate

Downing pints of water before bed may add to disturbed sleep (all those nighttime toilet trips), but we are the water police here, drink your 3 litres a day and include structured water in veggies and nuts to release hydration slowly. Your skin will thank you for it. Promise!

Invest in a quality mattress

We might be biased but how can you possibly get your beauty sleep without a comfy mattress to help you drift off? A low-quality mattress can create pressure points on your back, resulting in pain and poor sleep quality. This can leave us feeling tired and haggard, so be sure to find the ideal mattress for you.

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Posted in 

Health and Wellbeing
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