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5 Guilty Pleasures that are actually Good for you

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Health and Wellbeing

Guilty pleasure is the term that often describes any pleasurable thing, from eating dessert to binging TikTok videos. However, here at Sleepeezee we think that it’s time to retire the term, we’re no longer guilty!

We’re here to tell you that our “guilty pleasures”—like your Netflix binge or the kitchen dancing to your favourite song—were just tools for self-care in disguise.

Here are 5 “guilty pleasures” that we believe should be adopted into everyone’s daily routines.

Eating your favourite snack

For us, it’s Cheese Curls from Aldi. (Yes we like cheap crisps!) There’s nothing better than chowing down on your favourite snack after a tough day at work. This is one thing we will never feel guilty about.

Grabbing a coffee or drinks with a friend

We can’t even count how many times we’ve heard how a cup of coffee is going to ruin people financially (Don’t even get us started on avocado). Spending time with our friends or family keeps loneliness at bay and boosts cognitive function and memory. So, as long as it’s within your budget, you don’t need to feel guilty for having that coffee with a friend just because; you’re investing in your future health and well-being. *sips coffee

Watching T.V

We’ve all watched so much TV (so many shows so little time) that our eyes glaze over and we feel like actual zombies. But if at the end of a long day all you want to do is switch off and watch someone else’s drama unfold on Love Island, who is anyone to judge.

Going for a walk

Maybe you feel you can’t take a couple of minutes for yourself, or you don’t have time in the day to step outside. We’re here to tell you to take the time and step outside! Our favourite self-care practice is going for a walk, we spend too much time indoors so stepping outside —even if it’s for a 15-minute walk—is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Reading a book

Once upon a time, we remember reading not being the in thing. However, we can’t think of anything better than tuning out the world and reading a book to distract ourselves. Booktok agrees with us, and luckily there is a never-ending stream of book recommendations from here!

Learning to be proud of our “guilty pleasures” is so important for our self-care. We won’t always get it right—but there’s always another opportunity to read that book, squeeze in 20 minutes of exercise, or find new ways that brings a little bit of joy to our days!

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Health and Wellbeing