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5 Ways to Feel Better With Music

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If you’ve ever experienced ‘chills’ listening to a specific song, you know how powerful music can be. Music can inspire, comfort, motivate and relax. Single songs can bring us to tears, transport us back in time, lift our spirits or soothe our overactive minds. There really is music for every mood!

But there are also multiple science-backed benefits that show how music can regulate our emotions, boost our mood, enhance productivity levels, increase mental clarity, and even help us sleep better.

Here are some of the ways listening to music may support your self-care and well-being.

Settle the mind

If you’re feeling overwhelmed playing some calming music could be the distraction you need. According to research, listening to a peaceful playlist can soothe stress and induce relaxation by slowing your breathing and heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, and reducing the body’s levels of stress hormones.

Weekend Wind Down

Elevate your mood 

We all have that one song that can shift our mood in seconds. And research has proven the link between music and mood, which can cause dopamine-release and help fend off depression. Make a playlist of your favourite songs so the next time you feel low, you have some mood-boosters in your back pocket. Bonus points if you sing along or dance to the music!

Motivational Beats To Change Your Sheets

Support concentration and focus

Research suggests that listening to music while you’re working on a task can improve focus, increase alertness and boost mental performance. So the next time you feel your concentration flagging, tune into some stimulating tracks to help power your attention.

Mattress Meditation

Boost motivation and energy 

There’s a reason why exercise is easier when you’re listening to music. That’s because fast-paced, upbeat music accelerates your heartbeat and gives you a burst of energy, fuelling motivation and maximizing performance. So the next time you want to get into gear or you need to start a task you’ve been putting off, try playing your favourite energizing tracks!

Promote peaceful sleep

We all know how vital restful sleep is, yet so many of us struggle to get it. Music may help. Research shows that listening to relaxing melodies before bed can calm the nervous system, slow your breathing, lower your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure. This can help you fall asleep and stay asleep for longer.

Peaceful Sleep

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