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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Extra Hour in Bed

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An extra hour in bed? Yes please! With winter creeping in around the corner, soon enough the clocks will officially be jumping back an hour across the UK – meaning an extra hour of sleepy joy!

Right now, we’re still using British Summer Time (which sounds rather ironic when you look outside) but on Sunday 31st October we’ll be switching back to Greenwich Mean Time – and that means we get to fall back and spend a whole extra hour in bed.

But before our days get shorter and the nights get longer, be prepared to make the most of your extra hour. Here’s our tips to ensure you get the most of your time in bed.


Hello lie in

There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed on a cold autumn morning, so our advice for when the clocks change is don’t! Turn up your cosy level and snuggle up in bed for an extra hour of rest and relaxation, it’s a Sunday anyway.

Pamper yourself

If your natural body clock wakes you up an hour earlier, indulge in some much needed me time. Why not take a bath, put a face mask on, while listening to your favourite album? (we recommend Folklore, because it’s autumn and it is a crime not to love it) It’s only once a year that the clocks change and we have an additional hour to ourselves, so let’s embrace it!

Breakfast in bed

Our favourite meal of the day! Take your breakfast back to bed and tuck into some hearty comfort food! Just a word of caution, avoid any food that’s sticky or drippy to save yourself having to buy new bedding.

Time to get cosy

Can’t bear to waste your extra hour? Well why not make the most of it and winter up your home décor! Put your summer bedding away and change the ambience of your bedroom with warmer colours and blankets that help bring the meaning of cosy to life. Don’t forget to switch over to your winter duvet as well!

Watch your favourite Netflix series

Finally, what better way to spend your extra hour than catching up on your favourite series? Snuggle up in bed and grab your coffee. You deserve it!

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