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Cool as a Cucumber – 6 Ways to Stay Cool in Bed This Summer

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Whilst most of us wish for a warm summer, the heat can actually play havoc with our sleep.

If you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the summer months fear not, we’ve rounded up some useful tips below to help you stay cool each night.

Summer 2019

Frozen sheets

During a heatwave, some of us will go to any means in order to cool down. It might seem silly, but many people swear by putting their sheets in the freezer to cool down in time for bed. This is essentially an extreme version of the ever-popular ‘cold side of the bed’.

Cool off

Nothing quite beats the cooling effect of a cold shower! Rinsing off at the end of the day can bring down your core temperature – and you’ll also jump into bed feeling fresh and clean as well.

Sleep Low

Hot air rises, so avoid those bunk beds and make sure you’re surrounded by cool air. Sleep on the floor, or even head downstairs to sleep on the sofa if you’re getting desperate to escape the heat.

Keep out the heat

Before you go to bed, remember to open as many windows and doors as possible to allow air to circulate throughout your home. Doing this will create a draft that will pull warm air out and allow for both your room and you to cool down.

Power down your electrics

It might seem tough, but do try to avoid charging electronic items at night. This is simply because some electrical items produce heat upon charge and this will only add to the heat already in your room.

Cooler Supreme

Last but not least, our most effective tip is to upgrade your mattress. Our team has lovingly designed the Cooler Supreme 1800 mattress to ensure that you get the best night’s sleep possible during the warmer months.

Expertly designed to help regulate your body temperature, this innovative mattress features a revolutionary cool-touch cover as well a pressure-sensitive StayCool™ gel layer. So, avoid restless nights by opting for a state-of-the-art mattress that will keep you sleeping soundly all night long!

Keep Cool This Summer

So whether you’re freezing your sheets or upgrading your mattress, make sure you enjoy everything summer has to offer including those warm nights, by following these top tips!

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Sleep Tips