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Pocket sprung, memory foam, gel, pillow top… Our guide to choosing the right mattress for you

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We’ve recently returned from ‘The Bed Show’, the UK’s biggest exhibition of British bed manufacturers and suppliers.
As we wandered around the show it got us thinking, with so many beds and mattresses to choose from, how are our customers supposed to know which is right for them?
Choosing the right mattress is essential to ensuring exceptional comfort night after night, year upon year.
We also know how much of a big investment a new mattress can be and with that in mind, we’ve pulled together a handy guide to make it easier for you to choose:

Step one – choose your type

Pocket sprung, memory foam, gel, pillow top… mattress shopping can be confusing.

Every Sleepeezee bed is made using pocket springs which adapt to your unique shape and weight. Each collection then offers a different combination of the very best in sleep technology and the finest materials. For example, Staycool™ gel in some of our mattresses helps to manage moisture levels, which aids temperature regulation so you won’t feel too hot in warmer months.
In others, a memory foam layer adapts to your body as you sleep, contouring effortlessly to your sleeping position.
We’d always recommend exploring each mattress type to ensure you choose the combination that works best for your body and your needs.

Step two – choose your firmness

A mattress is as individual as you, and what’s right for one might not be comfortable for another.
A soft mattress like the Pure Emperor 4000 feels like your sinking into a cloud with support in the right places. Whereas a medium mattress such as the Grand Luxe will provide an all-around balanced feeling, enough sinkability but with the desired firmness to feel fully supported.
The Royal Backcare 2000 is an example of a firm mattress that doesn’t offer as much contouring as a softer mattress. You’ll typically feel more push back, which is ideal for front of back sleepers.
Top tip – we’ve rated the firmness of each of our mattresses from 1–5 and you’ll find the scores on each product page.

Step three – try before you buy

We know it sounds like a cliché but trying a mattress before you buy it a must. It’s a long term investment, and taking your time to browse your options when shopping for your new mattress is the key to many nights of restful sleep.
Sharing your bed with a partner? Make sure they test them too! Find your nearest Sleepeezee stockist to try out a range of our mattresses.

Step four – more than a mattress

So, you’ve found your ideal mattress… now what?
A mattress is only as good as its base, and the two work together in harmony. The wrong base can damage your mattress, and even void a guarantee, so make sure you check what type of base is recommended before you purchase it.
Our checklist for finding a good base? It should be able to hold the weight of your mattress
✓ offer even support
✓ and provide sufficient air circulation ✓
And voilà – you’re a mattress pro and it’s time to shop!
Explore our website and discover the latest Sleepeezee mattress collections as well as our range of headboards and divans – but don’t forget step three, try before you buy!
Finally, don’t forget to follow us on social media for your daily dose of all things Sleepeezee, from sleep tips and advice to product updates, interior inspiration and more!

Posted in 

Mattress Care, Sleepeezee General