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Sustainability at Sleepeezee with Sustainability Manager, Andrew Reene

We had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Reene, Health & Safety and Sustainability Manager at Sleepeezee, about why sustainability is so important to company, their solar panel project, and thoughts on what the future looks like in terms of sustainable practices across the industry.

Q&A: Sleepeezee discusses the importance of sustainability

Since 1924, British bed maker Sleepeezee has been helping the nation get a good night’s sleep. A lot has changed in 96 years, both in terms of the company’s growth and climate conditions. Though its time-honoured craft remains traditional, its innovative thinking continues to prioritise the future of our planet.

Dreaming of a greener future with Sleepeezee

With concerns over sustainability and the imminent climate crisis regularly featured in the media, many businesses are re-evaluating their impact on the environment and hotels are certainly no exception.

Sleepeezee hotel supreme 1400 bed

Saving the Planet, One Mattress at a Time

Having taken great pride in its sustainable approach since 1924, British manufacturer Sleepeezee recently became the first bed maker to receive The Planet Mark accreditation after drastically reducing its carbon emissions, energy and water consumption – an effort that has led to recognition by the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme.