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Hosting a Festive Night-In at Home

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Gathering with family and friends is one of the highlights of the holiday season, whether it’s a dinner or a board game night. Hosting festive celebrations at home seems to be a popular choice, because not only is it cost-effective, it also allows you to have fun with themes, food, and music.

It only takes few little touches to transform your home and make your guests feel special; here’s what you need to know to take your festive hosting to a whole new level.

Preparation is key 

Hosting a party can be daunting, especially when it comes to choosing a menu and cooking for many people. Once you have decided what to prepare, make sure to plan everything ahead and allow plenty of time for food prepping before your guests arrive, so you’ll be able to socialise and enjoy the celebrations.

Don’t get stressed out if you’re unable to handle all the tasks on your own. Consider delegating some responsibilities, whether it’s bringing a dessert or putting up the decorations. People want to help – more often than you think!

Set the mood 

Switch off the big light, and recruit lamps and candles. This will not only warm up your place, but also add a magical, festive glow indoors.

To create an even more inviting atmosphere, opt for scented candles and diffusers. Popular choices for the season include gingerbread, cinnamon – if you prefer a soothing sweet aroma – or alternatively wood smoke – for an earthier fragrance. Mandarin is another fantastic alternative, as it’s proven to boost your mood and make you feel more energised.

Last but not least, don’t forget to craft your own festive playlist – nothing feels better than getting together with family/ friends and celebrating with some jolly Christmas tunes pumping in the background.


The art of ‘tablescaping’

Transform your ordinary dining into a magical setting for your guests. Starting with a blank canvas can be scary; that’s why we recommend choosing your tablecloth first and using it as source of inspiration.  If possible, choose a tablecloth with a central design to make your table centrepiece stand out.

Once you have your base, it’s time to play with Christmas accessories – think candles, garlands, and pinecones. This is your occasion to express your personal style and creativity and really have fun with it.

Just keep mind that if your tablecloth has already an elaborate design, stick to simple candlesticks and red candles – you can never go wrong with that.


Borrow inspiration

Looking for a specific look & feel or theme for your upcoming party but not sure where to start?

Blogs, Pinterest, and other social media can be great sources of inspiration, as people like to share their seasonal decorations, recipes, and outfits. Borrow ideas, mix and match until you’re happy with the result. When planning your party, you might want to create an inspiration board and keep it handy on your phone or laptop – Canva, Miro, and Pinterest are easy, free online tools that help design your board in few minutes.

Get inspiration – and be organised – is key, but most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it – it’s your party too!

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