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How ‘Dry January’ Is the Secret to Better Sleep!

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Are you taking part in Dry January? If you are, you may have already noticed that cutting down on your alcohol intake has had a knock on effect on your quality of sleep.

While there are obvious benefits associated with avoiding alcohol – such as a reduced risk of developing cancer and liver disease later in life – dry January can have a positive impact on your body in other ways too.

Here’s a run-down…

Besides proving that you can abstain from alcohol for an entire month (go on, give yourself a pat on the back), dry January can also help set a pattern that curbs drinking for the whole year.

Not ready to give it up full time? Even in the short-term, refraining from drinking alcohol can have some big benefits, especially when it comes to sleep.

Time for the facts…

For the first few days of the month, you may have experienced an inability to sleep soundly and some slight dehydration.

Your liver generally needs around four to six weeks of recovery following a heavy bout of drinking, so dry January is an ideal way of keeping your health in check – especially after the Christmas and New Year break!

You may notice your sleeping pattern improve in the long run too.

After a few days of restless sleep at the beginning of the month, by day seven you’ll likely have found yourself sleeping far more peacefully.

This means that you’ll also start waking up with far more energy the next morning, ready to take on the day.

And the sheer fact that you’ve probably cut back on going out drinking with friends can lead to you sleeping more and skipping fewer workouts!

Looking back, it’s pretty clear to see how all of that can impact how productive you are, how focused you are at work, and how you feel overall.

Of course, completing dry January is far easier said than done, so if you’re one of the millions who are now sleeping better as a result of this we salute you!

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Health and Wellbeing