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How Long Can You Go Without Sleep?

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In this day and age, our hectic schedules can make getting a great night’s sleep even more difficult.

Whether you’re stressed at work, out celebrating with friends or perhaps you’re binge-watching a new Netflix series, there are so many factors which can contribute to keeping you up later each evening.

But how long can you keep this up and what happens to us the longer we stay awake? As sleep enthusiasts (8 sold hours a night and nothing less please!) we definitely do not recommend regularly staying up late every night.

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep?

Have you ever wondered how long you can stay awake for? The world record is a horrifying 264 hours… that’s just a little more than 11 days! We absolutely would not recommend trying this.

In 1964, a high school student, Randy Gardner, tested the limits of his body and mind by staying awake for as long as he possibly could (for a high school science experiment). Apparently, Gardner went 264 hours without sleeping, which remains as the official world record that was ever scientifically documented.

We couldn’t think of anything worse!

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep Before You Are Affected?

1 day: the negative effects of sleep deprivation often take 24 hours to appear.

After just 24 hours without sleep, you will start to notice a lag in concentration, your memory will falter, your stress levels will rise and so will your blood pressure. Your judgment will be affected, your decision-making will become sloppy, and you are likely to experience a decline in hand-eye coordination.

Some say this is equivalent to the effects of 3 glasses of wine and that’s only 24 hours in!

2 days: 48 hours in and your body is not coping well! You are likely to experience black outs, have a weaker immune system and you will constantly feel cold as your body is now working overtime to keep everything functioning.

3 Days: If you’ve made it to 72 hours without sleep you’ll be experiencing the worst effects of sleep deprivation. This includes hallucinations, which are happening due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Coupled with lack of motivation, perception and concentration we doubt anyone would be functioning normally right now!

4+ Days: Highly not recommended! Coupled with all off the above, you will now also be experiencing communication problems, heart palpitations and even paranoia.  We couldn’t think of anything worse and are entirely thankful each day we get to go home and sleep on a Sleepeezee mattress!

We understand how busy life can be, but please don’t intentionally delay your sleep! Treat yourself to a long and restful sleep each night and you will reap the benefits, both physically and mentally.

Remember Everything Is Easy When You Sleepeezee!

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Sleep Tips
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