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In It for the Long Haul? How to Beat the Summer Jet Lag

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Summer is finally here and this means that most of us are busy planning our dream holidays.

Whilst we all long for sun-kissed holidays, a long haul flight can often lead to jet lag – which plays havoc with our sleep!

If you’re flying long haul this summer, we’ve rounded up some simple ways to help you combat jet lag symptoms below.

What Causes Jetlag?

Jet lag encompasses a range of symptoms that we experience when adapting to a different time zone. There are 24 different time zones in the world and once you cross them, your body’s 24-hour clock is disrupted.

In simple terms, jet lag is when your body clock struggles to match the time zone of your chosen holiday destination. Symptoms usually include insomnia, daytime drowsiness, difficulty concentrating and even mood swings.

How to Treat Jet lag

While it isn’t possible to prevent jet lag, there are a few ways to help reduce its effects:

Prepare your body – Before a flight, you can try to prepare your body clock by slowly changing your sleep pattern. For example, if you’re travelling east, start waking up and going to bed earlier than you usually would, so the time difference won’t shock your body as much. If you’re travelling west, go to bed and get up a little bit later.

Avoid napping – As tempting as it might be to have a quick snooze when you land, it’s best to stay awake until its night time in your new destination. While it may be difficult to stay awake, it will help your body to adjust quicker. If you’re still struggling to stay awake throughout the day, have a coffee!

Live like a local – It’s also advised that you adjust other habits to match the time zone of your new destination. This means eating at the correct times of the country you’re in and not the times you would normally back at home.

Step Outside – Finally, spend time outdoors! Natural daylight can help your body to adjust to its new time zone quicker.

Trying out these tips is easy and reducing the symptoms of jet lag means giving yourself the chance to enjoy your holiday as much as possible!

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