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Office Dogs – Paw or Against It?

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Office dogs are becoming more and more common these days, with many offices around the world having a pooch running around their workplace already – including Sleepeezee!

The reality is the benefit of office dogs extends much further than most people think. Sure, it might seem obvious that our four-legged friends boost morale – but allowing pets in the office can lower stress, increases well-being, and improves collaboration and productivity.

So, are you having trouble convincing your CEO that your dogs should join you? Let’s take a look at the reasons you could give your boss to try and convince them!

Office Dogs

Higher Productivity

If you’re trying to convince your boss that office dogs are worth considering, make sure you share the fact that they’re likely to make your team more productive.

One reason is that having a pet at work forces you to take short breaks throughout the day, which improves focus and limits distraction.

Increases Activity Levels

Having a reason to promote a healthy lifestyle in the office or workplace can be beneficial for both the team and the office pooch! Team members can interact with the new dog by playing with them or walking them.

Working in a place that actively encourages this will lead to the team becoming healthier and having more energy.

Office Dog Benefits

Promotes Mental Well-Being

It’s not just pet owners who enjoy the benefits of bringing their four-legged friends into work. Job satisfaction will increase for all employees who come in contact with office dogs.

Keeping stress levels to a minimum and having a friend to greet you in the mornings can start people’s days off the right way. The puppy love will spread to everyone else in the workplace and maintain a level of positivity throughout the day.

Social Engagement

If you have any employees who struggle to socialise with other people in the company, an office dog is sure to help with that!

People bond over animals since they end up discussing interests and even just making small talk when interacting with our furry little friends.

Plus, having an office pooch is a sure-fire way to improve your onboarding process; it’s a fabulous ice breaker for new employees!

Don’t forget no office dog is complete without their very own Sleepeezee Dog Bed, Toby here loves his so much he’s barely out of it!

dog on personalised Sleepeezee flat dog bed

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