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Organise Your Sleep Space like “The Home Edit”

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If you haven’t seen the Home Edit on Netflix then this is your reminder to add it to your watch list.

It premiered a couple of weeks ago and since then, it hasn’t really strayed far from the trending queue. In the show, presenters Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin help celebs and everyday clients organize and edit their home spaces.


Here are some of their best tips for organising your sleep space from it!


1. Make Your Bed in the Morning (Really!)

This first tip starts right after you wake up. As annoying as it is to do, sliding into a cool, clean bed at night is the best way to get your mind in gear for a great night’s sleep.

2. Choose a Bedside Table With Closed Storage

Drawers or a small cabinet below your nightstand can help keep visual clutter to a minimum.  Use the storage inside to tuck away books, your journal and pen, lip balm, reading glasses and other essentials.

As well as this keep the top of your nightstand simple and clutter-free, with just a few of these bedtime items:

  •         Current book
  •         Candle with a relaxing scent (try lavender)
  •         Cup of herbal tea or bottle of water

3. Make Comfort Your Priority

Too many fussy details like beading and sequins, or stiff and scratchy bedding materials, can impact your sleep. When choosing bedding, make sure whatever you choose is comforting — think crisp cotton sheets and a cozy cashmere throw.

4. Charge Your Phone Outside Your Bedroom

Using your phone as part of your bedtime routine isn’t only distracting you from sleep, it’s actually delaying your body’s ability to shut down. So, before going into your bedroom, plug it into a charger and put it away for the night.

5. Rethink the TV

Our screens emit a blue light that can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Keep the TV (and other devices) out of the bedroom, and commit to reading a real book (on actual paper, not a Kindle!) before bed.

6. Organize your space based on your routine.

It wouldn’t make sense if everyone’s bedroom was arranged in the same way because everyone’s routine looks different and every person requires different things from their space! Make sure the space is tailored to you and your need’s which can make all of the difference when you’re trying to make your routine more streamlined and efficient.

Posted in 

Lifestyle, Sleep Tips