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Spring Into Action: Our Favourite Bedroom Trends

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As spring is now in full swing, interiors are beginning to feel more in touch with nature and less industrial. Strong colour trends are bringing vivid hues, earthy tones, and every kind of green imaginable to signal spring. Retro touches like bobbin furniture, ribbed glass and chevron-patterned tiles mean our homes will become a canvas for personal expression and creativity this season. With this in mind, we thought we’d share our favourite bedroom trends.

Bold Colours

Two strong colour families are coming to the fore this spring. We have bright hot pinks and purples which are lifting our spirits, whilst we are also seeing earth-toned shades such as yellow, terracotta and olive green which bring calm and relaxation.

Organic Lighting

Now more than ever, our homes are our sanctuary. Lighting is not only functional, but also plays a large role in setting atmosphere and mood within our spaces. This spring, bold, sculptural shapes such as glass bubble lighting, black and brass finishes and sculptural lighting will be evident as people use their spaces for multi-functional living.

The huge trend of natural materials such as sicker and rattan are still prevalent. These handcrafted lighting pieces pair perfectly with organic spring hues showcased in feature pieces, furniture, and wall décor. Blending in raw materials such as wood, limestone and rattan with harsher materials such as brass metal and wire helps to create this seasons atmosphere of earthy and tranquil spaces.

Soft and Simple

Soft tones of cream, ecru and white are going to appear in our homes. The softly spoken home is an ideal spring trend if colour isn’t your thing. To bring it to life for you, consider injecting textures such as boucle or heavy weight natural linens to add some dimension.

Take time to plan your natural theme to avoid making the space feel clinical or flat. A way to achieve this is to try out soft paint shades for the walls. The hue you finally choose needs to elevate all the elements within the room and this will depend on several factors, including the amount of natural light coming in.


Although green was already trending in 2022, it is now coming in a huge variety of shades and appearing throughout the home in every shape and form. Green is a colour we associate primarily with nature, so injecting this colour anywhere in your bedroom has an incredible way of reconnecting us to our surroundings, creating moments of calm and positivity.

Textured Accessories

Interest in ‘fluted’ home accessories such as glass vases and landscapes has soared in the last six months. Fluted interiors can be traced back thousands of years, but 2023 will be the year they take centre stage.

Evoking the glamour of the Art Deco movement, fluted homewares will appear everywhere throughout homes this year. A clever mixture of textures and patterns is key to making this look work seamlessly. Our homes are a canvas of personal expression and creativity so this spring we can really embrace this in all its glory.

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