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Our Favourite Sleep Podcasts

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Looking for something that will help you drift off into a deep slumber? Look no further than our favourite sleep podcasts.

The popularity of podcasts has grown and grown over the last few years. Many of us use them to get the latest news stories, listen to true crime tales and even fall asleep to.

Listening to a podcast in the hours before bed can help you wind down and sleep better. With a plethora of bedtime-based podcasts at our disposal, we thought we’d give you Sleepeezee’s top 5.

Slow Radio – BBC 3

BBC’s ultra-lo-fi ‘Slow Radio’ is a lengthy series that mixes calming music with field recordings. Episodes include semi-ambient recordings of the bells of Venice to the sound of winter in Japan. The podcast which is described as an ‘antidote to today’s frenzied world’ is perfect for drifting off to.

Headspace Sleepcasts

The Headspace Sleepcasts focus on meditation and mindfulness to help us find the right, relaxed headspace. Transporting us to the Land of Nod, the podcast uses dreamy descriptions of specific environments to send you to sleep.

Working with partners such as John Legend, the sleepcasts include Legend soothingly describing an empty concert hall alongside a mix of his favourite romantic tunes.

Game of Drones

Presented by Drew Ackerman, this series of long and extremely rambling recaps of Game of Thrones promises to bore you to sleep. Each episode hears Ackerman tell the story of each episode, whilst adding in copious extra detail to get your brain to stop focusing.

Boring Books for Bedtime

This weekly bedtime podcast brings together the relaxing effects of reading before bed with stories where you won’t mind missing the ending. Host Sharon Hadny calmly and quietly reads from something that is ‘rather boring’ and reads it ‘in a rather boring way’. This podcast will help those who have trouble relaxing, shutting off, and getting to sleep.

Goodnight World

Goodnight World is a partnership between Headspace Studios and Sesame Street. It aims to help children wind down and transition into restful sleep, striking the balance between a bedtime story and a sleep aid.

Listeners can join Alan and the characters of Sesame Street on an ‘adventure in their imaginations’. The podcast will also help to calm their minds and bodies to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

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Sleep Tips