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Our top tips on improving your mindset

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Your mindset comes first. Now that we are officially halfway through the year, we couldn’t think of a better time to stop, take a moment and take some time for ourselves. Afterall we are all about helping you sleep better and feel your best.

With our ever-busy lives it can be tough to prioritise your mental health, but we have a few simple, quick ways to improve your mindset right now. No need to clear your schedule – these are all easy actions to incorporate into your daily routine that hopefully, will add up in a big way!

Close your eyes and take a deep breath

In the words of Taylor Swift “breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out”. Taking a moment to focus on your breathing allows you to come back to the present and back to your body. When you shut out all the noise and tune inward, you can slow the nervous system down and calm the mind. Here’s a meditation playlist if you need one! 

Smile at a stranger. Maybe even throw them a compliment.

I know, we are British, we don’t talk to strangers. But we sometimes feel so isolated and lonely that we forget that people out there are waiting to connect! It starts with us.

Move your body

It’s time to move it. Moving can mean dance, yoga, walking, working out… doesn’t matter. Listen to your intuition. The more you move your body, the more you get out of your head.

Slow down as you eat.

It’s so easy to just shove food into your mouth and not think anything of it. But if you can make it a practice to only focus on your food when you eat, (no watching TV or TikTok’s) you’re doing more than just nourishing your body – you’re cultivating more present-moment joy.

Find one thing a day to be grateful for.

Before you go to bed at night, think of one thing to be grateful for. The more gratitude you can cultivate on a daily basis, the more you are likely to feel fulfilled at the end of the day. Negative thoughts will always be there, but there will always be positive ones too. It’s all about what we’re focusing on. The choice is yours!


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