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Our Winter Morning Routine Recommendations

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With the mornings getting darker and the temperature getting colder, it is important to have your winter morning routine down to a T to help you rise out of your restful slumber.

If you’re struggling to get up and out of bed this winter, we thought we’d share some simple steps from our Sleepeezee team to inspire a kinder, gentler winter morning routine. With Christmas right around the corner and our diaries piling up, this winter season promises enough stress without frontloading your schedule with a 6am run or half an hour email blitz.

Hit snooze

Research suggests that lie ins are good for the soul (and for your mental well-being and overall health). So, if you can grab a few extra winks in bed each morning, it’s probably well worth it.

Giving yourself some extra time in the morning can be beneficial for your energy levels and mood. And if you’re struggling to get our of bed, it may also be a sign that your body is signalling you need more rest.

Put on a relaxing playlist

With classical music known to reduce stress and aid sleep, it is a winter morning routine must. Even Transport for London utilise it to give stressed-out commuters a morning mood boost!

Ambient tracks, like the ones in our Sleepeezee Spotify playlists, are also great for helping you get to sleep. They are a very soothing way to bring in the new day and help to drown out the hectic stream of news and the outside world.

Take yourself outdoors

In these darker mornings, it is important to take even just five minutes in nature to significantly boost your mood and wellbeing.

Time outdoors in the morning is also linked to better quality of sleep and can help us find perspective and distance from our daily routines and tasks.

Run a warm bath   

Reversing your routine from taking a bath in the afternoon to a bath in the morning, can have a transformative effect on wellbeing. With time in the tub emerging as an undervalued method of self-care and relaxation, changing up your bath time routine could really transform your morning routine.

By starting your morning with a candlelit bath, you will set the tone for a cosy and positive day. It is also beneficial to have time without your phone or other distractions and to be present and unwind before the day begins.

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