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Pillow Care 101

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Mattress Care

We spend a whopping third of our lives sleeping. So, investing in the right pillow to rest our heads on each night is super important!

However, did you know that not only do all pillows have a best before date but they also require some attention to keep them fresh as a daisy.

First off, a pillows has a ‘shelf life’, after which they should be replaced. This is typically a year but with proper maintenance and care it can last up to two.

The main reason for this is hygiene. We don’t want to go into the gross bits. But germs can build up on our pillows as we sweat and drool throughout the night (okay okay, we’re not all droolers). Dust can be to blame, too. And if you think about only one year of use, that’s 365 nights of germs building up. Eek.

It’s not all about the germs, though, a pillow can also naturally start to lose its shape after years of regular use, so replacing it before this happens will help to avoid neck, back or shoulder pain.

So can looking after our pillows extend their life?

Yes and no. There are tips and tricks to help your pillows stay at their ‘best’ for longer, but it’s a fact that the filling will naturally flatten over time.

Ideally, regular pillow TLC will help keep yours in tip-top shape for the 2 years that you use them. The easiest hack to extending its life is by using a pillow protector which acts as a barrier, catching dust, germs and moisture. Better yet, you can easily whip it off and stick it in the wash.

The second easiest trick in the book is to wash your pillow. Our Anti-allergy range of pillows are machine washable will help to nip germs in the bud and create a marvelously clean surface to sleep on. Winning.

So there you have it. You’re officially a certified pillow pro. Now all that’s left is to invest in a Sleepeezee pillow and Leave The Rest To Us.

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Mattress Care
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