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Problems Caused By Sleeping On An Old Mattress

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Sleeping on an old mattress is never good, especially when we spend roughly a third of our lifetime in bed. Probably even more after the last year!

With this being said, your mattress is a fundamental part of your life and due to the amount of time spent on it, can significantly contribute to your health and wellbeing.

The average mattress has a lifespan of roughly 8 years. Contrary to what many people believe, mattresses aren’t made to be used forever. You may have really come to like the way you fit into the groove you’ve made in that 20-year-old mattress, but it’s likely not doing you any favours. From physical pain to mental health, your mattress can have a dramatic effect on how you feel!

You could develop allergies from dust mites 

If you suffer from allergies, sleeping on an old mattress can pose a problem. Dust mite allergies can cause sneezing, runny noses, itchiness, watery eyes, coughing, and even sinus pressure.

Your asthma could get worse

People suffering from dust allergies or allergic asthma could experience nasal congestion and airway breathing problems while sleeping on a dusty old mattress

You could have a mould issue

Your mattress becomes heavier over time as it collects dust, dead skin cells, and sweat. Mould is a possibility of something that, as the result of an old mattress, can potentially impact your breathing and your health.

You could experience back or neck pain

Neck and low back pain is a common complaint due to the lack of support from an old mattress. As your mattress gets older, it will become softer and less supportive for the spine.

Bottom line, an old mattress leads to less and poor-quality sleep—leading to numerous other health issues

The best way to get rid of the problems caused by an old, worn-out mattress is simple: Replace it with a new one. But with so many options to choose from, how are you supposed to know which sleep surface is the best one for you?

For more help with this read our blog on 10 Tips For Buying A New Mattress or visit our find a retailer where our trusted partners can help find you the perfect Sleepeezee Mattress!

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