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Professional Pillow Fighting- Fact or Fiction?

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Have you ever been in the middle of a pillow fight and thought to yourself, “someone should really make this into a sport?” Yeah, us neither.

Some people might have grown out of that playful bit of fun, however, others decided to turn it into a professional sport. (No, we’re not kidding)

Better dig out our comfiest pajamas and fluff those pillows because we are about to start slinging some feathers.

The game originates from a group of Japanese high-school students in 2013 that wanted to make their pillow fights more competitive… (We promise we are not making this up)

The Rules:


  • Each team is composed of 5 pillow fighters (plush fighters? Soft ninjas?) that start at each end of the playing field by laying down under duvets with a pillow. These pillows aren’t the ones used in the game.
  • The strictly regulated pillows used in this competition of guts and fury lay in the middle waiting to be flung at the opponents.
  • There are also kings on each team and the goal of the game is to hit the opposing king with a pillow to eliminate him or her.
  • Players that are hit by these fluff missiles are immediately eliminated.
  • Also, one of the five players on each team can be dubbed the “duvet holder” and have the high responsibility of protecting their teammates with a duvet cover.

The more we talk about it, the more onboard we are with the idea, currently trying to figure out how to convince the bosses to let us compete in the Sleepeezee car park.

But it’s not just us we’ve heard that the Olympics are currently considering this as an option after professional pillow fighting became televised earlier this year.

Just putting it out there we would be the first to watch if this made its Olympic debut in 2024.


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