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Sleep: Expectations vs Reality

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Sleep Tips

You’ve probably heard from friends, TV shows, books, or blogs a thing or two about how you are supposed to sleep, not to mention the optimum hours recommended to feel fresh for the next day. You probably know the basics – that we are supposed to sleep for around 7-8 hours. Here are some of the expectations you’ve probably acquired about your sleeping patterns, and the reality you are actually facing:


EXPECTATION: We will sleep undisturbed for 9 hours a night

Reality: We wake up multiple times in the night and sometimes only get 6 hours sleep

Most adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. By working out what time you need to wake up, you can set a regular bedtime schedule and to try and wake up at the same time every day.

Alongside this, most people wake up once or twice during the night. This might happen because you have consumed too much caffeine or alcohol later in the day, or if you have a poor sleep environment in general.


EXPECTATION: Your bedroom is a relaxing sleep environment

Reality: We use our bedrooms as our home offices, gyms and everything else in between

Our bedrooms should be a relaxing environment but certain things weaken that association, such as TVs and other electronic gadgets, light, noise, and a bad mattress or bed.

Keep your bedroom just for sleep and make sure you create the perfect sleep haven with a Sleepeezee mattress and by removing all distractions.


EXPECTATION: I can fall asleep straight away

Reality: I struggle to wind down and often find myself staring at the ceiling

Winding down is a critical stage in preparing for bed. If you are struggling to fall asleep at night it might be because your brain hasn’t switched off from the day.


There are lots of ways to relax including the following:

  •         A warm bath (not hot) will help your body reach a temperature that’s ideal for rest
  •         Relaxation exercises, such as light yoga stretches, help to relax the muscles. 
  •         Reading a book relaxes the mind by distracting it
  •         Avoid using smartphones, tablets or other electronic devices for an hour or so before you go to bed


EXPECTATION: I can fall back asleep again easily if I wake up in the early hours of the morning

Reality:  Why are the birds so loud? The sky’s awake so we’re awake

Waking up early isn’t uncommon, but when it’s 5am and you still have some precious hours left to sleep, there’s nothing worse than when you can’t fall back asleep.


To help get back to sleep try these tips:

  •         Don’t look at the clock
  •         Try a relaxation exercise
  •         Distract your busy mind with our Sleepeezee Spotify Playlist
  •         Try getting out of bed for 10 minutes


So push those sleep expectations aside and focus on improving your sleep habits so you can sleep soundly night after night!

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Sleep Tips