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Sleepeezee: Q&A with Dame Jessica Ennis Hill

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We caught up with our brand ambassador Dame Jessica Ennis Hill between shots for a lightning round Q&A on all things sleep! 


Hi Jess – thanks for catching up with us! What does Sleepeezee’s campaign ‘leave the rest to us’ mean to you? 


I think we’re all so busy with life in general whether it’s work, it’s family life – there’s so much going on! So to trust in a really great quality mattress is a really important thing for all of us and for me in particular. And I think with Sleepeezee they have 100 years of experience, they have the knowledge and they can just provide you with as many options and take all the hassle out of trying to find that perfect mattress and it has such an impact on all those areas of your life. 


What are your top three must haves when sleeping at a hotel? 


My top three must haves when sleeping at a hotel would definitely be a great book, really good quality pyjamas and a really good skincare routine so that I’ve got all my products with me 


What is it that you look for in a mattress? 


For me a mattress has to have that medium firmness, so we’re all different but I like to have that kind of level of firmness in my mattress. The Jessica mattresses are great because they have the Staycool Gel™ and that helps regulate your body temperature through the night. Just having that element so you don’t feel like you’re sagging in a mattress – I like it to have some level of firmness so that it keeps its shape and I have that support through the night 


Describe your dream bedroom. 


I think my dream bedroom would be nice soft tones, lots and lots of pillows on the bed, a nice comfy throw and I think out of massive windows in front of my bed I’d like to see rolling hills and countryside – something that’s just really relaxing! Maybe a water fountain in the background or something to bring that level of calmness as well – hahaha. I think that’s my dream bedroom!  


How important is sleep to you and your well being? 


Sleep is so important and it has a massive impact on all areas of your life. So, for me, being able to have a good night’s sleep allows me to train the way I want to, to recover from my workouts that I do and also just give me the energy to do day-to-day jobs and work and be a great mum.


Find out more about our Leave the Rest to Us campaign here.

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