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Sleeptember: Why You Should Prioritise Your Sleep This Autumn

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With the temperatures cooling down and less daylight, autumn is undoubtedly the ideal season to get back on track with a steadier sleep routine. People tend to rest more during the colder seasons, with October securing the top spot with an added 2.7 hours each night.

But why are we more tired in autumn?

The limited exposure to sunlight during these months causes our brains to enter a semi-hibernation mode, producing as a result more melatonin (the sleep hormone). But this change does not necessarily translate into a better quality of sleep. At Sleepeezee we’ve been doing lot of thinking about the matter; here is what you need to know to drift off easier and earlier this autumn.


Spend enough time outdoors 

With the days getting shorter, prioritise outdoor activities. Maximise your lunch break by taking a nice walk in the neighbourhood or cycle to work instead of using the car. These small changes in your routine will help you get your daily dose of vitamin D, essential for regulating the circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock regulating sleep and awake time). Not only your sleep will benefit from it, but exposing yourself to the sunlight will boost your mood and reduce stress levels.


Include exercise in your routine 

Another great sleep and mood boost is physical exercise. Take advantage of the lower temperatures to recommit to your workout plans. Whether it is a sport or a gym class, choose an activity that you actually enjoy, so it will be easier for you to fit it in your busy schedule and commit over time.

Regular exercise promotes sleep drive, helping you fall asleep faster and improving the overall quality of your rest. However, high intensity exercise before bedtime might leave you too energised and stimulated, delaying your transition to dreamland. That is why we recommend working out no later than early evening hours for a blissful night’s sleep.


Make your home autumn-proof 

As the season change, remember to make all the necessary adjustments in your bedroom too. Did you know that the ideal room temperature to sleep soundly is approximately 16 °C?

If setting the thermostat is not enough, bedding and accessories can really help you create the perfect, dreamy scene for a good night’s sleep. Natural materials like cotton or linen are the ideal choice if you prefer breathable materials, whilst silk, satin or polyester sheets will retain more heat and keep you cosy and bundled up.

And if you run hot, our Cooling Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect accessory for your bed. Find relief in its freeze cooling cover for a fresh, comfortable feeling all night long. To get an even fresher feel, why not update your mattress with one of the Sleepeezee’s Cool Rest range. With its TemperatureSmart and Staycool™ Gel technology, this supportive mattress conducts excess heat from your body while supporting it throughout the night.

What are you waiting? Get sleep-ready with our dreamy beds and accessories.

Posted in 

Sleep Hygiene, Sleep Tips, Sleepeezee General