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Top 5 Tips To Beat Your Allergies For A Better Night’s Sleep!

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Everyone deserves a great night’s sleep – so why let allergies get in the way of this?

If you suffer with irritated eyes, sneezing and a scratchy throat, you’ll likely know that these symptoms can often wreak havoc on your sleep.

During springtime, tree pollen is a common allergen and in summer, grass pollen and ragweed emerge to further plague allergy victims.


How Can Allergies Affect My Sleep?

If you suffer with allergies, you’ll likely know that dealing with a runny nose and sneezing can lead to lower morale and energy as a result of sleep deprivation. Not only that, but allergies can cause sleep disturbances such as agitation and difficult breathing that can interrupt or disrupt your sleep even more.

It is also important to note that allergies can lead other illnesses such as bronchitis and even conjunctivitis and asthma. Not only that, but without enough hours of quality rest, you may also experience next-day headaches, feelings of anxiety and depression, lack of concentration and even a lower libido.

The importance of a great night’s sleep cannot be underestimated, and so it is important to protect yourself and limit the rapid reproduction of these domestic allergens so that you can sleep better.

What Can I Do To Prevent Symptoms?

Don’t let your allergies get in the way of a restful night’s sleep!

We’ve provided some useful tips below to help you sleep better:

  • Change your sheets: wash your bedding regularly and, for extra protection, add a mattress protector or encasement.
  • Shower before bed: showering before you hit the sack rinses pollen from your hair and scrubs away dead skin cells
  • Swap out your chemical scents: Air fresheners can contain irritating chemicals, so swap these out for diffusers with essential oils and natural spray fresheners
  • Shut the window: Letting in fresh air on a hot summer night might seem tempting, but an open window provides a clear path for pollen to invade your room throughout the night.
  • Air it out: For mattresses that are still reasonably new and performing well, airing the bed each morning and regularly cleaning mattresses, protectors, pillows and blankets will help to eliminate the conditions under which dust mites thrive.

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By applying these little tricks you’ll be able to better manage allergy problems and receive the good night’s sleep you deserve!

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Sleep Tips