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What Your Side of The Bed Says About You

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We’re all familiar with the saying ‘Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?’ – but our team here at Sleepeezee seems to think there is more to this expression.

We have a theory that the side of the bed you sleep on can reveal subtle clues about your personality type! In fact, we know so. We’ve read scientific research that suggests your mood, attitude to work and personality could be predicted by which side of the bed you choose to sleep on. In conclusion, sleep says it all.


People who sleep on the left

So, from what we’ve Googled (got to believe everything you read on the internet) people who sleep on the left are likely to be more cheerful than their right-side counterparts!

A positive outlook allows lefties to be more capable of dealing with a heavy workload, which means they’re not easily phased by a stressful day.

Those who sleep on the left believe they are calmer than their partner in a crisis and are more confident in general.

We’ll leave you to debate if this is true or not!


People who sleep on the right

Don’t worry it’s not all bad news for right-side sleepers though. In fact, Google say’s it’s been suggested that people who sleep on the right side of the bed tend to earn more money! (We like the sound of this one)

And if right-side sleepers have a less positive outlook, they’re also more likely to be grounded and be prepared for worst-case scenarios, making left- and right-siders a match made in heaven.


People who starfish in the middle

Google says you are happily single or you’re selfish… This one we’d take with a pinch of salt


It’s the bed that counts

In conclusion, the side of the bed you choose can make a difference to how you feel in the morning – but only because we’re creatures of habit. In reality, the most important thing is the quality of sleep you receive. No one wakes up happy after a broken and interrupted night!


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