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When Do The Clocks Go Back and Why Does It Affect Our Sleep?

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Autumn is in the air and the days are getting shorter, which can only mean one thing… we will soon be winding back the clocks!

But do you know why we do this?

Fall back

When Do The Clocks Go Back?

Every year the clocks go forward one hour in the spring, so that evening daylight lasts longer, and back again one hour in the autumn so that we can enjoy extra light in the mornings.

In case you forgot, here is your friendly reminder that the clocks will go back one hour on the morning of Sunday 27th October at 02:00. So, don’t forget to adjust the clocks throughout your home! We would also recommend that you double-check the clock on your phone, as often these automatically adjust themselves.

Why Do We Change The Clocks?

The proposal for Daylight Savings Time was put forward by William Willett in 1907.

He argued that we were wasting important daylight by rising at the same time in the summer as we did throughout the winter months (sounds like William Willet was in need of a comfortable Sleepeezee bed!)

Why Does It Affect My Sleep?

Moving the clocks forward and back so that we can seize the daylight hours more efficiently is all well and good, but did you know that this can also have a noticeable effect on our sleep?

Our internal body clock can easily be thrown off course by the one hour change, due to the change in routine, which can affect how much of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin we release and when.

Clocks Go Back

As sleep experts, we understand that the importance of a great night’s sleep cannot be underestimated. After all, it’s what drives us here at Sleepeezee.

Winding the clocks back by an hour will often have an effect on the time you naturally wake up in the morning. So, to ensure that you achieve 8 hours of quality rest each night, it’s important that your bedroom is dark, quiet and soothing enough for you to sleep in.

You can also practice these good sleeping habits to help improve the quality of your rest.

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