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Why Your Mattress is More Important than You Think

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Health and Wellbeing

A good mattress is so important, it’s essential for our physical and mental health and having the right mattress means more than you think.

After all, we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed!

We all know how great we feel after a good night’s sleep. From elevating our mood and concentration to enhancing memory and athletic performance, waking up refreshed and rested is scientifically proven to benefit us in so many ways.

So, if you’re thinking about investing in a new mattress, you’ll want to make sure you are investing in the right one for you.

Especially when it comes to price, it’s tempting to opt for a cheaper mattress, which can work out fine… if you’re lucky. However, look at it in terms of pay-per-use; if you buy a mattress for £1000 and use it for 7 years, that means you are spending just under 40p a night – a pretty slim price to pay for a great night’s sleep!

So is it worth it?

In almost all cases, the answer is absolutely. A new mattress can improve the quality of your sleep, which influences everything from your energy levels to mood to your overall health. Benefit’s we are sure you’ll feel include:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduced Aches & Pains
  • Reduced Motion Transfer
  • Reduced Allergies/Asthma

While it can be tempting to stick with your existing mattress and save some money, for most people it will be worthwhile to upgrade.

At Sleepeezee we offer a variety of different mattresses with a range of fillings and technologies to suit different customer needs. Our mattress technology can be broken down into four main categories.

These categories are Pocket Sprung, Graphite Memory Foam, Staycool™ Gel Technology, and Natural Fillings. Each range offers its own unique benefits, as we understand comfort is subjective and what is right for you may not be right for someone else!

Shop the range now via our website and visit your nearest retailer today to buy your new Sleepeezee mattress!

Posted in 

Health and Wellbeing