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Will this Dog Bed Be the Right Size for My Dog?

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This season, give the gift of restful sleep to your beloved dog with one of our ridiculously comfortable Sleepeezee dog beds!

When it comes to shopping for a new bed for ourselves, we instinctively know what size is suitable for us. However, ordering the right size bed for your dog can be tricky.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new bed for your dog but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve provided some useful suggestions below.

First things first, measure your pooch! Get your tape measure, pen and paper at the ready and measure your dog from their nose to the backend where the tail begins. This useful measurement will give you a better indication of what size bed is best for your dog.

Once you have this measurement, you will be able to choose between our two Mumsnet award-winning Sleepeezee dog beds. The handy size guide below will ensure that you find the perfect bed for your pooch.

The Basket Size

Dog Bed Size The Basket

The Flat Bed Size

Dog Bed Size Flat Bed

Once you have chosen the correct sizing, you are then free to select a dog bed based on their sleeping style.

We’ve also provided three captivating colour options to ensure that there is a dog bed to suit any interior scheme.

As you can see below, our luxurious dog beds are loved by dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Dog Bed Influencers

So if you’re looking to give your dog the best sleep, you can order your Sleepeezee Dog Bed now, because just like for us, Everything Is Easy When You Sleepeezee.

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The Pawsome Blog