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Your World Self Care Day Sunday Regime

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It’s Sunday and it’s World Self Care Day! A whole day dedicated to looking after ourselves.

All we can say – from the comfort of our bed – is thank heaven for day’s like this (we’re petitioning for this to become a regular day every month). A whole day when we get the chance to swipe that slate clean, recharge and reboot, ready to tackle the fresh, shiny new week ahead.

Not going to lie, our usual plan for a Sunday involves a duvet, Nextflix and Deliveroo, but today we are switching it with our self-care routine.


Wake up slowly, open the windows, grab your morning coffee, then pop some daily vitamins and enjoy your favourite breakfast


Find an empty space for 30 minutes and try out your favourite yoga or Pilate moves. Keep a full water bottle nearby to ensure you stay hydrated.


Skincare time! We’re talking 12 step routine plus a hair mask, face mask and body scrub.


Time to enjoy your day. We plan on going for a relaxed brunch. No phones allowed and only good food.


Hunt out some nearby green space and set out on a long walk (dog optional, but obviously preferable).


Head home for a healthy snack.


Run a bath with some essential oils, light a candle, put on a seriously zen playlist and grab a good book. Do not get out until your toes turn wrinkly or the candle extinguishes.


Pop on your favourite PJs, a fluffy dressing gown and some slippers. You might not want to, but change your bedding so you get that fresh sheet feeling!


Prepare and consume the most magnificent dinner of your life! Resist the urge to Instagram it.


Snuggle up on the sofa, choose an uplifting film and treat yourself to some chocolate or popcorn.


Brush your teeth, double-cleanse, do some serious skincare then sink into those freshly washed sheets.


Alarm set – read a few more pages of your book, and then it’s time for some shut-eye!


Posted in 

Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Sleep Tips