Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint

We have been carbon neutral as an organisation since 2017 and we are very proud to say that no waste has gone to landfill since 2012. As well as operating responsibly, we ensure we only source materials from responsible suppliers. Since 2017, we have offset a total of 1,643 tonnes of CO₂ from within our factory.

We have also supported deforestation projects in the Amazon and planted 478 trees in schools local to our factory in Kent.

We Have Been Carbon Neutral Since 2017

We have offset 225 tonnes of CO2 for 2020 by supporting the wind farm project in India and UK tree planting.

This is supported by consistently offseting our carbon emissions each year, to achieve the equivalent of taking 477 cars off the road.

We are continuing to develop our environmental and sustainability policy, by generating our own electricity through solar power.  Newly installed for 2021, 591 energy saving solar panels have been fitted across our entire 1130m2 manufacturing facility in Kent.

The panels, made from silicon will help generate power for 25 percent of  our manufacturing plant’s energy, while the remaining 75 percent will be purchased through renewable electricity.

Renewable energy is a crucial component in the UK’s plans to be a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, and the manufacturing industry has an important role to play in helping the Government to achieve this. By investing in this technology we are driving the business forward in more considered and sustainable practices.

This most recent undertaking will contribute more than 46K KG CO2 reduction per year and create a lifetime of carbon savings equating to almost six million miles driven by car, five million miles flown by plane and the planting of over 30 thousand trees.

We offset over 1643 tonnes of CO2 between 2017 and 2020.

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Through innovation and market leading mattress designs, Sleepeezee has grown into one of the most well-known bed manufacturers in the world.
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