Beds Built to Last

No Sleepeezee mattress is complete without the right base. Luckily, we have a wide choice of divan beds to meet your needs. Built by our expert craftspeople in the UK, they’re made to last and available in a range of fabric finishes. Form and function go hand in hand with lots of storage space to suit your space, depending on which base you go for.

Our range includes:

  • No Drawer Standard Divans
  • Two Drawer Standard Divans
  • Continental Drawer Standard Divan
  • Four Drawer Standard Divans
  • Side Opening Ottoman Divans
  • End Opening Ottoman Divan
No Drawer Standard Divans
Two Drawer Standard Divans
Continental Drawer Standard Divans
Four Drawer Standard Divans
Side Opening Ottoman Divans
End Opening Ottoman Divans

Choosing the Perfect Divan

Choosing the right divan is so important in making sure that your mattress has a suitable base. All mattresses need a strong foundation to support the mattress itself and allow the mattress to breathe. The divan should improve the overalll support of the mattress, as well as the cooling of the mattress thanks to improved airflow. 

The divan will also give your mattress increased height due to elevation, so be sure to consider this when choosing the right divan for your sleep space. At Sleepeezee, our range of divans covers various sizes and styles because we know what it takes to accomplish the perfect Sleepeezee bed. Whether you’re looking for a double divan bed, king size divan bed or divan ottoman bed, our sleep solutions will be the perfect support for your Sleepeezee mattress. Additionally, our collection covers everything from a double divan base, to a double divan bed base, to even a king size divan base – perfect for all sleepers, all shapes and all sizes. 

We also understand the amount of space required for a bed and so we offer storage solution divans to suit your lifestyle and keep your bedroom uncluttered. This encompasses the standard drawer divans, meaning you can simply access storage beneath the bed itself, as well as side and end opening ottoman divans to easily lift and store items directly beneath the mattress. Easily accessible, well designed and the support that your mattress needs, browse our Sleepeezee divan collection today and find your dream divan.

Divan Fabrics

Weave Americano
Weave Heather
Weave Noir
Weave Ocean
Weave Pewter
Weave Taupe
Weave Teal
Weave Wheat
Tweed Cream
Tweed GREY
Tweed ROSE
Tweed MINT
Joshua ASH
Joshua GREY
Joshua BLUE
Joshua LATTE
Plush Light Blue
Plush Beige
Plush Dark Grey
Plush Navy
Plush Light Pink
Plush Light Grey
Plush Claret
Plush Midnight Navy
Plush Mustard
Plush Sage Green
Plush Teal
Queens Ash Grey
Queens Denim
Queens Green
Queens Light Green
Queens Oat
Queens Pebble
Queens Scarlett

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A headboard for your home

Headboards come in many different shapes and sizes and are often the perfect statement piece for your bedroom. But even though they can be seen as a more decorative piece, the headboard itself often has a more practical use. Whether you’re looking for a double bed headboard or a single bed headboard, each one can stop your pillows from falling down the side of the bed, support your back when sitting and reading upright, and can also protect the wall behind the bed. 

Choosing the right headboard is therefore a task for the design and function oriented, as this can ultimately have an impact your sleep. A headboard that suits the interior of your room can also emphasise the cosiness you associate with your sleep space, making it easier to get comfortable and drift off into sleep. When deciding which headboard will suit your bedroom best, you may find that looking at different materials and textures that complement your bed and sheets will help. It’s additionally important to consider the more plush styles to something firmer depending on your preference. 

Our range of Sleepeezee headboards includes both traditional and contemporary designs, with a variation of materials, sizes and colours. They’re easy to install and are designed to fit conveniently behind your bed. They also come in a range of sizes, from the larger king size headboard, to the double headboard and single headboard. Every single one of our Sleepeezee headboards has been carefully crafted in the UK and carries a one year guarantee.