Hotel Tranquillity

The Hotel Tranquillity combines individually pocketed springs with natural wool and our pressure-sensitive Staycool™ Gel, which together help to regulate body temperature while providing outstanding support and uncompromising comfort.

Double sided for longevity, the Hotel Tranquillity mattress should be turned over and rotated every three months.

Product Information

  • Comfort and Support For All Body Shapes

    Unique pocket springs that independently contour to suit your body shape and weight for ultimate comfort and support.
  • Double Sided

    Double sided - designed to keep your mattress in tip top condition!
  • Quilted Knit Cover

    Promotes breathability allowing cool, fresh air to flow through the entire mattress.
  • Staycool™ Gel

    Provides pressure sensitive support that immediately responds to your body shape and helps regulate body temperature.


800 Pocket Springs (based on 5ft- king size)

Staycool™ Gel

Zip and Link

Double Sided

32cm (12.5")

Mattress - 36kg - based on 5ft

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