Finding your Dream Mattress

Looking for something? You’re in the right place. We have a wide range of mattresses to suit all sleepers and spaces. Whether you’re looking for a single mattress, double mattress, or a king size mattress, we have plenty of options available to give you the perfect night’s sleep. Remember to consider your sleeping position when choosing your mattress, as this can have an effect on your overall levels of comfort and support. For example, a memory foam mattress will offer good support for side sleepers, but may feel slightly more uncomfortable if your natural sleeping position is on your front. 

It’s also worth considering your temperature when you sleep. If you tend to overheat or feel cold during the night then temperature regulating materials might be the right option for you. For example, the Sleepeezee Cooler range uses StayCoolTM gel to keep your temperature in check during the night. Whether it’s a single bed mattress, small double mattress or double bed mattress, the level of firmness will ultimately impact the support you feel when lying down. Your body shape, weight, and sleeping position are key factors in choosing the right level of firmness, which is why we’ve broken it down into soft, medium, firm and extra firm categories, giving you a range of options to choose from. 

All of our mattresses are carefully manufactured using traditional techniques and quality materials to ensure that each detail is perfect for your sleep space. When it comes to the perfect night’s sleep, leave the rest to us.