Modern Slavery Statement 2023

Organisation Structure and supply chains

Sleepeezee Ltd is a bed manufacturer, based in Rochester, Kent in the South East of England. Sleepeezee’s parent company, Sleepeezee Holdings Ltd are owned by Sleepeeze France.

Sleepeezee Ltd manufactures mattresses, headboards and divan bases for the retail and hospitality sectors primarily within the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.

Sleepeezee procure the majority of materials from within the United Kingdom or the European Union. A small percentage of materials are from Turkey.

Polices in relation to slavery and human trafficking:

Sleepeezee Ethical and Human Rights Policy Statement

Due diligence Processes:

It is important to recognise that human rights breaches may not be immediately apparent and may in fact be closer to home. Over 5,000 calls were made to the Modern Slavery Helpline in 2019 for concerns relating to labour highlighting that there are concerns about Modern Slavery in the UK. (ONS, 2020) https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/articles/modernslaveryintheuk/march2020#measuring-modern-slavery

We recognise that we operate within the high risk textiles industry. We have therefore put procedures in place to ensure that our employees are protected from modern slavery:

  • Thorough checks of right to work documentation
  • Checks to ensure wages are paid and received by the employee
  • Management, supervisors and employees encouraged to look for signs of modern slavery and report anything they feel is suspicious.
  • Multi-language posters highlighting the signs of modern slavery and showing where support can be received are displayed on site.
  • Labour providers are audited at the selection stage to ensure that they have processes in place to protect employees from modern slavery. Sleepeezee does not engage with labour providers who do not pass this audit.

In addition to the steps we have taken at a local level, we use our strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that the ethical standards we expect are met.

Sleepeezee do not work with any suppliers that do not meet the standards as described in our Ethical and Human Rights Policy. Any supplier who fails to remedy any breaches of our ethical and human rights policy will not be allowed to continue to supply Sleepeezee.

To ensure that our suppliers meet these standards Sleepeezee will continue to engage with our suppliers and monitor their activities either through audits or questionnaires.

Risk Assessment

Sleepeezee has conducted risk assessments to highlight areas of high risk within our business and our supply chain. These will be reviewed regularly and must be carried out before any new supplier is engaged.


Members of the senior management team have attended modern slavery training sessions enabling us to gain a solid foundation of understanding of the issues surrounding modern slavery. We recognise that we need to continually improve and will ensure member of the senior management team, supervisors and employees are suitably skilled to tackle modern slavery in our workplace and our supply chains.