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Bring Your Luxury Hotel Sleep Experience Home

Since 1924, Sleepeezee continues to work in partnership with world-class hotels to provide the perfect sleep experience for their guests.

We supply the leading hotels with our best and most luxurious mattresses, all made by our expert craftspeople in our factory in Rochester, Kent.

Our beds are made with superior materials that ensure a good night’s sleep for every weary traveller and now you can have the same great night’s sleep experience that you have during a hotel stay.

Buy our extraordinary Hospitality Collection to bring your luxury hotel sleep experience home.

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Call us on +44 (0) 1634 729 425

At Sleepeezee, we ensure a personalised service for all of our hospitality customers to help them find their ideal sleep solution, with our dedicated Sleepeezee team committed to delivering the trusted service you need.