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Sleepeezee’s Mattress Linking Pad is the ultimate solution to enhance sleep comfort and support, both for hotel guests and for general use in a home environment.

Originally designed for use with Sleepeezee’s super king zip and link mattress applications in prestigious five-star hotels, the Mattress Linking Pad conceals not only the central zip function between the two single mattresses – more importantly, its comfort topper feature also creates a seamless and sumptuously comfortable sleep surface. This has meant that this product has become popular for use with large one-piece mattresses as a luxurious mattress topper. See our delivery information here.


Let us recycle your old bed*

Our mattress recycling service offers a cost-effective, hassle-free way of disposing of your old mattress and/or bed.

Five-Year Guarantee*

We offer a five-year guarantee on both our Sleepeezee mattresses and Sleepeezee sets.

Free Delivery*

With our national delivery, you could soon be enjoying the comfort of a night's sleep on one of our exceptional mattresses for yourself in as little a 4 weeks.

Easy Install
The Mattress Linking Pad is extremely quick and easy to install and remove, providing additional longevity to the mattress itself.
High Quality
The Mattress Linking Pad also offers the opportunity to affordably change what is essentially the top of the mattress, giving additional peace of mind that you are sleeping on a pristine, hygienic and high-quality bed.
The Mattress Linking Pad is suitable for use with mattress specifications up to 11 inches in depth.

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