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Take a look through our range of plush and supportive handmade dog beds to find the shape and size that offers your treasured companion a ‘pawsitively’ glorious night’s sleep. Our luxury dog bed is the only one available on the market that can be washed at 60ºC* and you can even personalise the bed by having your pet’s name embroidered on the side! How puuuurfectly pawesome!


Washable at 60ºC

An industry first – our dog bed is the only one available on the market that can be washed at 60ºC*.

*our travel beds are washable at 30ºC

Washable at 60 degrees*

Sizing Guide

If you’re thinking about investing in a new bed for your dog but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve provided a sizing guide to help you buy the perfect bed!


Sizing Guide

Handmade & Personalised in the UK

All of our beds are expertly handmade in the UK, come with a 2-year guarantee and can even be personalised with your pet’s name.

Providing much-needed pressure relief and cushioned support for your dog’s joints, our beds are made using super soft and supportive memory foam.


Range of accessories

Our pet bed covers are ideal for changing up the colour of your pet’s bed. Made with odour-eliminating fabric, our bed covers are washable at 60 degrees*, so you can make sure your pet has a clean and hygienic sleep surface. It can even be personalised for your pet.

*our travel bed covers are washable at 30ºC

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