Washable at 60 degrees

Our dog beds are the only ones available on the market that allows the cover to be washed at 60ºC.

*Our brand new travel bed covers are washable at 30ºC.


When washed with a good detergent, the temperature will remove bacteria and kill fleas and house dust mites (bed bugs) giving your pooch a comfy, clean sleep.

Each handmade dog bed has been designed so that the cover can be easily removed thanks to some handy hidden zips. Built into the structure, these concealed zips mean there is no risk of harming your pet or scratching those beautiful hardwood floors.

This, along with our innovative use of carbonised bamboo fibres are perfect for keeping your pooch healthy and happy!

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Odour elimination

All of our handmade dog beds come with expertly designed odour eliminating technologies to keep your pooch smelling squeaky clean.

We use carbonised bamboo fibre to naturally deodorise our pet beds. Additionally, the fibres are moisture-wicking and antibacterial so the cleaning process has already started before you get your washing machine on that 60-degree temperature!



Our luxurious handmade dog bed covers are washable at 60 degrees – the temperature required to remove bacteria and kill fleas and house dust mites (bed bugs) when done with a good detergent you can blast that bacteria! Giving your pooch a comfy and clean bed!


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