The comfort guide

Soft, Medium, Firm or Extra Firm – Which One Is Right For You?

Buying a bed or mattress can be daunting with so many different types and models. That’s why spending the right time researching and understanding the different options will ensure you choose the right mattress that best suits you!

While mattress type refers to the filling, our comfort guide refers to how firm you may like your mattress. This usually ranges from soft to extra firm.

While comfort levels are often based on personal preference, your sleeping position, weight and health conditions may make you more suited to certain a comfort level than others.

To help you find the right level, we’ve created this handy guide which offers tips and expert advice.

What Are Comfort Levels?

Think of soft and extra firm as two ends on a spectrum and every degree on this spectrum is referred to as the “comfort level” of a bed.

You are likely to come across a variety of different comfort levels when you start looking for a mattress, but some will be better suited to you than others.

Comfort levels relate to the upmost support that the layers within the inner mattress build provides however, a well-made mattress will provide you with support regardless of how soft the top layers feel.

The softness or firmness of a mattress can in some cases only refer to the initial feel of a bed.

Body Weight

Your body weight and shape are also an important consideration when choosing the right mattress. This is because the heavier you are, the more support you’re likely to need from your mattress to ensure its longevity but also your comfort.

If you are slim or suffer from aching joints a softer mattress may be beneficial.

Those of a heavier build may benefit from a firmer mattress, but this can also be subjective when it comes to sharing a bed with someone lighter. Your perceptions of what is firm may be very different.

Finding The Right Comfort Level With Sleepeezee

Here at Sleepeezee, we divide our mattresses into four simple categories: soft, medium, firm and extra firm.

Over on our mattress collection page, you can select your preference to help narrow down the options that will be perfect for you.

And if this isn’t enough, below is a further guide on our comfort levels.

  • Soft

    Support: A softer mattress will usually conform and contour to the shape of your body, providing support and additional cushioned comfort particularly when laying on your side.

    Sleeping Positions: A soft mattress is ideal for side sleepers, as it offers extra cushioning around your hips and shoulders where pressure would usually build when sleeping on your side. If you sleep on your back or stomach, a mattress that is too soft for you may draw your spine out of its natural alignment.

  • Medium

    Support: A medium comfort mattress will offer a little ‘give’ when pressure is applied, helping to keep your spine aligned whatever your sleeping position.

    Sleeping Positions: A medium comfort mattress is usually ideal for combination sleepers (who change sleeping positions during the night) and couples who may not sleep in the same position.

  • Firm

    Support: A firm comfort level will offer high levels of support, with very little contouring when pressure is applied to the mattress.

    Sleeping Positions: A firm mattress is ideal for those who sleep on their back or stomach, and will help to keep your spine in a natural shape. Those who are of a heavier weight and who sleep on their side might also prefer a firmer comfort level as this will provide additional support without putting too much pressure on hips and shoulders.

  • Extra Firm

    Support: Often classed as the most supportive mattress, an extra firm mattress provides solid support with very little cushioning or contouring when pressure is applied to the mattress.

    Sleeping Positions: Those who sleep on their back or stomach will usually find that an extra firm mattress will help to keep their spine in its natural alignment, though the additional firmness may not be to their liking. Those of a heavier weight may prefer an extra firm comfort feel as the spring system will offer added support.