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Hotel Natural Splendour

Five Year Guarantee

Made in the UK

Perfect comfort, every night

The Hotel Natural Splendour Pillow Top mattress combines up to 3600 individual SoftTech® pocketed springs and double layered pocketed springs with 100% natural fillings including horsehair and British wool blended with luxurious cashmere, all helping to regulate body temperature and providing the most outstanding and uncompromising support and comfort.

Comfort and support for all body shapes

3600 individual pocket springs that independently contour to suit your body shape and weight for ultimate comfort and support.

Total comfort, total support

Support springs to the edge of the mattress stop that middle of the night ‘roll off’.

Maximum pressure relief

Provides maximum pressure relief via a greater depth of luxurious fillings, enabling improved body mass support and distribution.

SoftTech® spring layer

Providing optimal support and posture throughout the night.


3600 pocket springs
(based on 5ft - king size)

Natural fillings

Zip and link

Non flip

36cm (14")

Mattress - 73.5kg - based on 5ft