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Hotel Premier Pillow Top

Five Year Guarantee

Made in the UK

Outstanding support and comfort, night after night

The Hotel Premier Pillow Top mattress combines 1000 individual pocketed springs with natural wool blended with sumptuous rebound cotton and comfort fibres, all helping to regulate body temperature and providing the most outstanding and uncompromising support and comfort.

Complete with a knitted and tufted cover, the Hotel Premier Pillow Top is the perfect luxury mattress for your guests.

Comfort and support for all body shapes

1000 pocket springs that independently adjust to suit your body shape for ultimate comfort and support.

Natural luxury fillings

Finest comfort layers of British wool and cotton to offer breathable and hygienic layers.

Soft knitted fabric

Soft and sumptuous fabric to complete the ultimate sleeping experience.

Pillow top layer for extra comfort

A sumptuous pillow top layer providing extra comfort.

Easy Care

Easy care no turn mattress, just rotate head to foot.

Medium / Firm

1000 pocket springs
(based on 5ft - king size)

Zip and link

Non flip

28cm (11")

Mattress - 38kg - based on 5ft