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Brown Noise vs White Noise

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What is Brown Noise? Where has it come from and why is it the latest trend in sleep? Well, these “colourful” noises may be the answer to your sleep problems (and a great mattress) of course.

There’s no doubt that sounds such as white noise can help you to shut out the world and be your background soundtrack for falling asleep. But we’re here to tell you that Brown Noise is more beneficial to your overall sleep health!

At least that’s what we’re seeing on TikTok – Brown Noise is suddenly all the rage with users declaring it “the perfect sound” to help you drift off to sleep and increase concentration.

What is White Noise?

In a nutshell, white noise is a manufactured sound. Its only purpose is to drown out the background buzz. It might seem peaceful (and we hate to break it to you…) but using white noise to try to fall asleep may not be the best.

Essentially to the human ear, white noise sounds exactly like radio or television static so it’s not a natural sound.

Examples of White Noise:

  • Whirring fan
  • Radio or television static
  • Vacuum
  • Humming air conditioner

So what is Brown Noise?

Brown noise (aka Brownian noise) on the other hand emulates natural sounds making it the perfect sleeping aid. The low-frequency noise causes a soothing effect as it sounds similar to the sounds of waterfalls, thunder, or heavy rain.

This type of noise can help to slow down your thoughts and ensure you slip into the most peaceful sleep!

Examples of Brown Noise:

  • Low roaring
  • Strong waterfalls
  • Thunder

Most of the research we can find online on noise and sleep has focused on white noise, with most concluding that it improved sleep for people who were already having trouble sleeping due to high levels of environmental noise.

However, if you don’t find White Noise helpful Brown Noise is a great alternative to drown out unwanted sounds and outside noises that could interfere with a person’s sleep. Alternatively, you can try our Sleepeezee Spotify for some soothing tunes!

Posted in 

Health and Wellbeing, Sleep Hygiene, Sleep Tips