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Creating The Perfect Sleep Environment For Your Guests

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People don’t tend to sleep as well on their first night away from the comfort of their own bed – meaning they are much more likely to wake up still tired and crabby!

Today’s guests want their hotel bedroom to be a real sanctuary to escape to as they want to live that home-from-home experience.

As any good hotelier knows, creating the right sleep environment for your customers is arguably the most important factor in producing the best possible experience at your establishment.

So to celebrate National Bed Month we’ve pulled together our top tips for creating the perfect sleep environment for your guests!

Relaxing Sleep Space

A calm and relaxing bedroom is key to a good night’s sleep. We all know that a bedroom that is quiet, cool (ideally 18°C) and completely dark will help create the perfect environment for your guests to fall asleep.

Where possible, try to create a calm bedside table, free of all distractions including technology.  As well as this there’s nothing worse than being rudely awoken by the early morning sun, so try blackout blinds or provide your guests with an eye mask.

It goes without saying that loud, sudden or repetitive noises can interrupt sleep. One of the best ways to combat this is with double glazing, as it muffles sounds from outside. However, if this is not an option, supply your customers with some earplugs to cancel out all the disruptions.

The Right Mattress

A pocket sprung mattress is the perfect choice for hoteliers who want to give their guests the night’s sleep they’ve always dreamed of.

Sleepeezee hospitality mattresses are specifically designed to minimise pressure points on the body for total comfort and support for whoever is sleeping on it.

In fact, the design of our beds means that the independent movement of each individual pocket spring allows the mattress to mould itself to the sleeper’s body, leading to a natural alignment of the spine and healthy back support.

Hospitality in Sleep

As you can see, there are a number of things that can rob your guests of a great night’s sleep. Fortunately, most of these things can be solved by making sleep a priority and investing in a great mattress.

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