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How to Become a Morning Person

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In a perfect world, we would all be morning people. But unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many of us have hectic morning routines that are considered a success only if we’re able to make it to work on time and without arriving with coffee stains down on our shirts.

But did you know that waking up early actually has many advantages. Not only does it allow more time for both productivity and leisure, but it also makes our days less stressful. However, try as we might, it seems no matter how early we set the alarm, we always end up hitting snooze (one too many times).

Well luckily for you, we’d like to think that over the years we’ve picked up a tip or two on how to achieve this.


1. Make a schedule.

I know what you’re thinking – because we thought the same thing: “I can’t possibly get up earlier because I have zero willpower.” But it turns out morning people aren’t using willpower to rise and shine; they’re using habits.

In other words, early risers don’t think about getting up—they just do it. To help establish this new habit, we suggest creating a nightly schedule. After all, the most effective way to wake up early is to go to bed early!


2. Stop pressing snooze.

If we wake up feeling groggy, it is likely because a REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle has been disrupted. Firstly, make sure you’re getting enough sleep – our deepest sleep usually lasts between 70 and 90 minutes, and this is the point in the cycle where we dream. It is best to wake up at the beginning stages of a REM cycle where we are in the least deep of sleep.

With most sleep apps you can set an alarm and it will pick up on your frequency waves of sleep and only sound a calming alarm when it knows you are no longer in a deep stage of the REM cycle.


3. Expose yourself to natural light.

Throughout the day make sure you get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Not a sunny day? At least go outside for 15 minutes to get some fresh air, or sit by a window that exposes you to natural light


4. Get moving as quickly as possible.

Your room should be a tranquil place of relaxation, so when it is time to get going, we need to leave that room ASAP — even if it means walking to the kitchen for a glass of water. When we lay in bed, checking our Twitter feed, or rolling around yawning, we are allowing ourselves to let the grogginess sit in. The moment you wake up, get up and get moving (here’s a handy playlist that should help with morning motivation).


5. Work out in the morning.

You’re probably thinking, “Are you insane? But working out can help release bad toxins in your body, ones that negatively affect our sleep. Obviously, a good workout is something everyone should be fitting into their schedules on a regular basis. But for those of us that are so busy we think we can’t even afford more sleep, working out can sometimes be put on the back burner.


The changes shouldn’t be drastic, but it is important to recognize that it will be a bit of a change. Start incorporating these tips into your morning routine and take advantage of those extra hours in the morning! For more on prioritising your sleep in 2021, follow The Big January Snooze on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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