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10 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

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Halloween can be fun for the whole family but can be a scary time of year for our beloved dogs. Unexpected knocks and loud noises can be both confusing and frightening for our pets, especially with so many scary costumes about!

To ensure the safety of your dog during this spooky time, we’ve rounded up our top 10 tips below to help keep your four-legged friend feeling calm and at ease this Halloween.

Dogs Halloween

  1. Walk your dog before it gets dark. Scary trick or treaters usually come out in the evening, and so walking your dog in the daytime will decrease their chance of coming into contact with people in costumes.
  2. It’s inevitable that your doorbell will be going off more than normal on Halloween and so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. Stick to your dog’s routine and pre-empt people knocking by preparing lots of things to keep your dog busy, quiet and happy.
  3. Provide a safe ‘hiding’ den. Place their favourite toys and Sleepeezee bed in a quiet area of the house, and ensure that they can come and go as they please.
  4. Don’t leave your dog alone in the garden. Loud noises can easily spook your dog and the last thing you would want is for your beloved pooch to run away!
  5. Keep pumpkins out of near reach! Most Halloween pumpkins will be lit up with a candle and a simple nudge from your dog could start a fire
  6. Be mindful of dressing up your dog. Some dogs won’t mind wearing a Halloween costume but others might hate it!
  7. If your dog is really nervous around people, pre-empt this by putting a clear sign on our gate reading ‘Nervous dog. Please don’t knock on the door’, and leave a bowl of sweets out for any trick or treaters.
  8. Keep chocolate and sweets away from your dog as these are very harmful for your pooch. However, if you want to involve them in the action, invest in some special dog chocolate!
  9. Make sure you that check in regularly to see reassure and soothe your pet. This is especially important if you’ve got a puppy.
  10. Think twice about taking your dog out trick or treating! Just because it is an enjoyable activity for your family does not mean it will be for your dog.

Dogs Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary time for your dog! Even by following one or two of these simple tips, your dog will feel calm and at ease.

So, remember to stay safe, reassure your beloved pooch, enjoy yourself and have a Happy (and spooky) Halloween!

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The Pawsome Blog
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