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Five Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Bonfire Night

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Remember, remember the fifth of November!

Bonfire Night can be fun for the whole family, but it can also be a very traumatic time of year for our pets.

The loud noises and bright flashes created by fireworks can easily frighten our beloved four-legged friends, which ultimately puts their safety at risk.

Whether you’re out celebrating with family and friends at a nearby firework display, or watching some fireworks from your window, you can follow these simple tips below to ensure that your pooch is safe and stress-free this Bonfire Night.


What should you do before the fireworks start?


Remove visual stimulation by closing curtains and blinds

Close any windows and block out a play area for your dog as fireworks may make your dog feel anxious.

Provide a safe place

Let your pet retreat to a place in the house where they feel safe, and ensure that they can come and go from here as they please. Pre-empt their behaviour and perhaps make a safe den for them to retreat to during the fireworks.

Microchip your pet

Make sure your pet is microchipped. If they get spooked and run off then this will ensure that your dog is returned to you safely.


What should you do whilst the fireworks are going on?

Stay calm

It might seem obvious, but your pet is very receptive to your own behaviour and mood. With this in mind, if you remain calm, happy and cheerful, this will comfort your dog on Bonfire Night.

Ignore the fireworks

This may sound simple but ignore the fireworks when they start and instead use a toy to distract your dog or turn up the TV to drown out the noise.

Last but not least, act normal! Your dog is smart and will pick up on any odd behaviour.

Bonfire Night should be an enjoyable evening for all the family. By making your home snug and secure, you’ll ensure that your dog feels safe throughout the night.

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